Communities worldwide are facing new challenges amid the global COVID-19 pandemic that has upended and changed our daily lives forever. As we exercise our individual and collective responsibility to reduce viral transmissions to preserve human health, Capstone Turbine continues our commitment to improving the energy efficiency of our customers’ operations around the world, while simultaneously reducing carbon and global emissions. 

The need to shift to green has never been more evident than it is today. While the virus is wreaking havoc on people’s health, personal lives and finances, the Earth is taking the opportunity to heal. With unprecedented worldwide restrictions on travel and business operations, emissions data shows cleaner air over nearly every major metro area in the world. In Venice, the water in the canals is almost crystal clear. In Wuhan, China, residents can hear birds singing again due to reduced traffic noise. And in Krakow, Poland, people are enjoying an amazing view of the Trata mountains, which are no longer obscured by the city’s smog.  

This shift to green should not be a political issue that divides us, but a social issue that unites us to both save money and improve the environment. Last year alone, Capstone helped customers worldwide shift to green and saved customers an estimated $253 million in annual energy costs and 350,000 tons of carbon. 

Make no mistake, this is a silver lining, but not a situation we would want to repeat. No one would advocate for having a pandemic as a way to implement environmental changes. It is a lesson on how powerful we are if we can all work together globally to find practical, cost-effective, and realistic ways to reduce our environmental impact on the world so we can all enjoy cleaner air and water. It may be ironic, but all this crazy social distancing and staying inside for the health of our elders and other high risk groups has been simultaneously improving the lives of our children because we’re decreasing pollution in the air they breathe. 

Today the younger generation, like Colton Herta, make up 30% of the world’s population and is arguably the most concerned when it comes to environmental sustainability as the first generation to have grown up with climate change as part of everyday life. As a green energy solution provider, we are glad to say the future of clean energy is undoubtedly shifting to green with the help of incredible people like Colton, George Steinbrenner, and our many friends at Andretti Autosport.

Today, Capstone is challenging all IndyCar fans to #ShiftToGreen on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020. So, let us know what efforts you’re taking to #ShiftToGreen in 2020!   

Stay safe, 

Darren Jamison

President and Chief Executive Officer

Capstone Turbine Corporation