Photographer: Sean Maynard


Warming up Sunday morning with practice, the VARX drivers both took to the track, turning initial laps that topped the charts. Making needed adjustments after first runs, the drivers took a second time to the track. Finishing the session first, Speed looked strong once again while Foust finished the session fourth.
With the series once again revising qualifying’s format between Round 10 and 11, the teams took to the course both in Group 2. At session’s end, Foust and Speed finishing closely behind the leader, with Foust second by 0.032 and Speed third by 0.088.
Moving to Heat 1B, Foust and Speed respectively took to the course for the five-lap contest starting second and third. As Speed and Foust launched into the lead, Foust shuffled back to third as he ran with Patrik Sandell. Getting tangled up as he drove to the checkered flag, Foust found himself involved as competitors merged in the final stretch. With Speed winning the heat, Foust crossed the finish line settling for fourth.
Heading into Heat 2, Foust kicked off Heat 2A starting fourth after facing a starting position penalty from Heat 1B. Getting the jump over the field, Foust crossed the finish line first with a 4.230 second lead over Mitchell DeJong in second. Starting Heat 2B from pole, Speed launched into first on the start, winning the heat cleanly over Sandell by 2.189 seconds.
Semifinal A saw Speed start the five-lap race from pole position with Foust beside him in second. Launching off the starting line, Speed jumped ahead in first as Foust battled in a drag race for second going into Turn 1. Winning out, Foust raced on to finish second behind teammate Speed, winning and collecting valuable points toward his championship run.
VARX once again started from the inside and outside of Row 1 for Round 11’s Final, this time with Scott Speed taking a pole position start and Foust third. With the green lights signaling the launch, Speed and Foust both got a jump over the field on the launch with Foust taking the lead. Building a 1.7 second lead over Speed at halfway, Foust faced a hard-charging Speed in second with two laps to go, hanging on to take the checkered flag in victory, sweeping the weekend in Seattle.

Wrapping up the 2017 season and crowning a championship, VARX looks to lock up their third title in a row as they take to the course for GRC Round 12 Oct. 13 and 14. Qualifying airs Friday, Oct. 13, on NBC Sports Network at 3 p.m. ET. Round 12’s Final broadcasts Saturday, Oct. 14, at 4:30 p.m. ET on NBC.


Tanner Foust – No. 34 Rockstar Energy Drink Beetle GRC
Started: 3rd // Finished: 1st
Championship: 2 / 10 (726 pts.)
“It’s true – Scott could have swept the title this weekend. We held him off from that, but more importantly we held off [Steve] Arpin from gaining points. Finishing 1-2 twice, that puts [Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross] in the championship 1-2 with Scott [Speed] leading. It was just an amazing effort from all the guys – Kyle, Brett, Pricey, Graham, Boomer – everybody put in everything. Especially with Atlantic City, this is sort of pay back for them because they rebuilt the car so many times there. Here, it stayed virtually clean the whole time – I’m happy and can’t tell you what a relief it is. So happy for the whole team.”
Scott Speed – No. 41 Oberto Circle K Beetle GRC
Started: 1st // Finished: 2nd
Championship: 1 / 10 (756 pts.)
“We came out of here with loads of points and plenty of gap for the last race of the year [in Los Angeles]. I think now, between one of us, we’ve secured the driver’s championship which is great. The cars are clean, they’re not broken, and it’s exactly what we wanted to come out of here and do. We just need to keep the wheels on it for a couple of heat races. Going in with 30 points ahead is massive.”