Photographer: Sean Maynard


Kicking off Friday afternoon in Seattle, Foust and Speed hit the track for a 45-minute round of practice before shifting into qualifying at Evergreen Speedway for Red Bull Global Rallycross Round 10. Topping the charts in practice, Speed set quickest pace at 38.883, with Foust behind him in third with a fastest lap of 39.174.
Shifting to a revised qualifying format, Speed and Foust started the session in Group 1, with Foust transferring to the “Fast Six.” Taking to the track a second time in the six-car group, Foust finished qualifying second overall with Speed eighth.
Wrapping up track activity Friday, Speed started Heat 1A second, while Foust looked to started second as well, but in Heat 1B. Winning Heat 1A, Speed put a 2.6 second difference over second-place Patrik Sandell, while Foust almost put a two-second between him at Chris Atkinson, easily winning Heat 1B and sweeping for VARX.
Heat 2 saw Foust and Speed start 1-2 in Heat 2B Saturday morning, dominating the five-lap contest. Getting the jump over the competition in their Volkswagen Beetles, Foust and Speed finished as they started, with Foust winning yet another heat and Speed behind him in second.
An action-packed five laps saw Foust start first while Speed started third in Heat 3B. Running second for most the race, Speed found himself turned around by Supercar newcomer Austin Cindric, finishing fourth after Cindric was penalized for the contact while Foust wins after starting from pole.
Starting first and second once again for Semifinal A, Foust and Speed took to the course by getting the jump over the competition. Taking the checkered flag first, Foust won yet another event to set himself up for the potential of a perfect race day while Speed finished second, showcasing the strength of their cars.
Round 10’s Final saw Tanner Foust take to the 0.735-mile course from pole position while his VARX teammate Scott Speed joined him on the outside of Row 1, starting third. Getting the jump at the start as the green lights illuminated, Foust and Speed led the field into Turn 1, the teammates built up a significant lead over the field. At the end of 10 laps, the checkered flag flew for Foust as he cleanly swept the day while moving from third to second in Driver Championship standings. Closely behind Foust, a hard-charging Speed finishing second with just a 0.605-second gap between the two and over four-seconds to Chris Atkinson in third.
Tanner Foust – No. 34 Rockstar Energy Drink Beetle GRC
Started: 1st // Finished: 1st
Championship: 2 / 10 (656 pts.)
“[The win] feels so good. The last [race] in Atlantic City was rough, less rough on me but more for [the crew]. Brett, Kyle, Pricey, Boomer – these guys are absolutely rebuilding this car every single time when you have a rough race like that. Here, to bring it home clean after two solid days of driving, it’s such a good thing especially with a double-header — it feels good. It’s pretty high speed here on the front straightaway and diving into this oval corner, there’s a real focus on the brake release in order to not upset the car and slide up hill. In the next one, there are little pot holes that you look out for. Then you come into the right-hander before the jump, and it feels like complete ice with one patch of grip you have to get that reminds me a lot like snow driving. In the last corner, it’s all about saving tires, so each section of the track there’s a critical thing you have to focus on.”
Scott Speed – No. 41 Oberto Circle K Beetle GRC
Started: 3rd // Finished: 2nd
Championship: 1 / 10 (687 pts.)
“The day’s done, and we were able to salvage second out of [the race]. We definitely didn’t start off the day very good. There was a lot of drama in between to keep it exciting, but we were able to gain lots of points and we still have a good lead [in the championship standings]. Tomorrow, we’re looking at the same plan – we’ll be safe and collect more points, and eat more Oberto Beef Jerky!”