Photographer: Sean Maynard


Hitting the 0.767-mile course to turn their first laps in the Racing Capital of the World for GRC competition, Speed rocketed to the top of the charts in practice at Lucas Oil Raceway. Besting the field with a fastest lap of 46.438 seconds, Speed finished first and Foust in fourth in Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross’ backyard in Indianapolis.
Shifting to qualifying, Foust faced a mechanical issue right before Group 2 set to start the session, but thanks in part to the VARX crew’s quick work, he was able to qualify and finish second with a lap of 45.075 seconds.
Continuing his dominance, Speed showed how fast his No. 41 Oberto Circle K Beetle GRC was in Indy, taking pole position at session’s end, his third this season and VARX’s seventh in 2017 with a lap of 44.750 seconds.
Heat 1B saw the VARX pair lining up first and second, with Speed starting the five-lap event on pole and Foust second beside him on the launch. Getting the jump, the VARX pair led 1-2 until the last lap, where a communication issue saw Foust miss the commitment box for his last lap Joker and braking hard to make the turn to finish fifth. Foust’s teammate Speed powered to a win in his first heat.
Heat 2A saw Foust battling it out on the first lap, going door-to-door with the competition after starting fourth. Making contact on the first lap, Foust finished the heat first but drew a three-second penalty, causing him to settle for third.
Speed started from pole position in Heat 2B, getting the jump over the competition and driving his way to another heat win in ruling fashion.
Getting the pole for Heat 3A, Foust took to the start line looking to turn his luck around from the last two heats. Finishing where he started, Foust got the jump on the start, and finished the heat with a win.
Continuing his hot streak, Speed started Heat 3B on pole, getting the jump like his teammate and winning the five-lap race to the finish for his third heat win of the weekend.
Once again showing Indianapolis how mighty the VARX’s Volkswagen Beetles are, Speed started on pole for Semifinal A, getting his fourth five-lap win of the weekend.
Fighting to stay up front and trading first place, Foust showcased his driving skills in Semifinal B, putting on a show to take the lead on the last lap and win.
Battling it out in the Final, Scott Speed and Tanner Foust put on an impressive and dominating show for their hometown fans after starting first and second respectively. Starting from pole, Speed completed a perfect weekend by starting and finishing first in every event he participated in after driving away from the field each lap he turned. Foust finished close behind Speed in second, giving VARX their 11th podium of the season in seven rounds.
Up next, the VARX pair head to Atlantic City, May 20-21. Round 8 Finals take to the airwaves Saturday, August 12, at 5 p.m. ET, with Round 9 Finals broadcasting on Sunday, August 13, at 4:30 p.m. ET, both on NBC.

Scott Speed – No. 41 Oberto Circle K Beetle GRC
Started: 1 // Finished: 1
Championship: 2 / 10 (462 points)
“We had a great car all weekend from the moment we pulled it off the hauler, until the last lap of the Final; the team just did a great job. The track was unbelievably fun. This is the first time we’ve been to a track that was predominantly some sort of gravel mix and it was just so fun because every time you went out onto the track it was a little bit different. There was water in areas there wasn’t before and the track was changing during the race. It was the most fun I’ve had driving yet. I’m so glad it happened here in Indy because it’s our home race and there was so many friends and family that were able to come to this one. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back here and big shout out to everyone at Oberto, Circle K and Expedite Home Loans.”

Tanner Foust – No. 34 Rockstar Energy Drink Beetle GRC
Started: 2 // Finished: 2
Championship: 1 / 10 (488 points)
“Today was pretty hard. We had penalties in two out of the three heat races this weekend which had us swimming uphill. To get into the middle of the front row for the final was a big win for our team. The guys have just been cranking all year. This is just a one-race weekend and not a doubleheader, but it’s amazing how difficult it is but it’s so nice to be in Indianapolis. Last time I was here on a racetrack, I was the yellow driver for the Hot Wheels jump at the Indy 500 and that was almost as much fun as it is to race a Global Rallycross car …almost. I was so excited to see so many Indianapolis fans out here to see a new sport. We have a blast every weekend.”