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The List: James Hinchcliffe

8.9.13 (via – The List: 10 things Indy hotshot James Hinchcliffe can't live without

1. My lighters
I’ve been collecting lighters since I was a kid. I have about 80 of them now (just to look at—I don’t smoke). My favourite is from WWII. I love thinking about where it’s been, whose it was and what happened to him.

2. My gold coin necklace
In my family, you get a British sovereign on your 18th birthday. Girls get one with a queen on it, and guys get a king. Mine is George V. I put it on a necklace and wear it almost all the time.

3. My guitar
I have a ’64 Fender Strat Sunburst, all original. It was a prize for winning a title in 2011. I don’t play well enough to be worthy of the guitar at all, but I admire its awesomeness.

4. My hero’s steering wheel
It’s from Greg Moore’s first race car, which he used before he made it big on the CART circuit, and it’s signed. I met him after a race in Toronto in ’99. I stood outside his trailer for hours before he finally came out.

5. My Skype
My family is scattered over three different countries, and my girlfriend, Kirsten, is from Australia. Without Skype, there’s no doubt I would lose touch with the people I’m closest to. In fact, there’s a good chance my mom wouldn’t have let me leave Toronto and become a racing driver if Skype didn’t exist.


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