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E.J. Viso: Teamwork & Sponsorship

4.28.13 (via – What are your thoughts regarding the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach?

Every race we’ve done, we’ve been progressing. I’m not talking about results, but I’m talking about performance, teamwork, the way we were able to progress and to resolve from problems we have earlier in the week.

Long Beach was a very difficult weekend for us, especially in the beginning of the weekend. I can honestly say that I was lost. We were lost as a crew. We had some big issues during the first three practices, and we ended up just making a decision and it took us in the right direction for qualifying.

Since then we kept getting better. We ended up having the fastest lap of the race – I was able to take good care of my tires, save a lot of fuel. At that point I had two more laps of fuel than my competitors. That said, I believe that we could have finished easily on the podium.

I had very fast pace and good pit stops up until I was taken out.

Where do you need to place in order to financially break even?

This is not a relative question to answer. It’s different in many aspects. Every race pays differently, and I don’t do this job or this sport for the money. To be honest I haven’t even checked how much they pay.


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