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E.J. Viso: Preparation & Performance

4.10.13 (via – How do you prepare physically for a race?

Well the physical preparation – it’s always an important one. Human beings need physical activity. One side is the cardiovascular and the other is muscular. For the cardiovascular, I normally do long runs of long lengths. At a minimum, I usually run 12 kilometers. Normally I stay in the range of 12 – 20 kilometers. That’s what I normally do for training! At the same time, swimming is great…cycling. Anything where you can keep your heart rate up.

How do you prepare mentally for a race? 

I’ve been training with a sports psychologist for many years. He just passed away not long ago, but I carry over all the knowledge from the years we worked together. We have different techniques where I can put my mindset in different areas depending on where I need to be. Some of them are for relaxation, some are for concentration, some are just to bring yourself up.

One of the biggest things I remember from him always coaching me was on the level where you should keep your emotions. He said if we can manage our emotions from 1 – 10, the key is always staying around number seven. You will never want to be up to number ten even if you are extremely excited.

But at the same time, you never want to go one if you are in a bad moment – you always want to stay around seven. So doing those exercises are normally the things I try to do. They’re good because when we are around number seven, it’s when we make the best decisions.

When we are under seven, we think more with our head. But when we are above seven, we think more with our heart. Of course the perfect decision will be coming when you make a decision combining both. That’s where merging around seven, it’s going to happen.


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