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The Rise of Ryan Hunter-Reay

4.8.13 (via INDYCAR Nation) – Occasionally in the sporting world, we get to witness the birth of a star. In baseball, you could point to a highly-sought prospect such as Bryce Harper. In football, you might point to a sterling rookie, such as Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.

Sometimes, the transformation to star isn’t an immediate thing. Not every athlete comes with a sure-fire pedigree, and even the ones that do don’t necessarily pan out. At times, there is a refinement, a slow realization of potential that transforms that potential into real stardom.

What we have seen from Ryan Hunter-Reay since last season falls into the latter category. The IZOD IndyCar Series’ most recent champion did not start out as a star. In fact, fans can easily recall days of frustration, of bouncing from team to team, and a general perception of poor luck and circumstance interrupting positive development.

Even as he grew into his full-time ride with Andretti Autosport, Hunter-Reay had drawbacks, races where the frustration from the school of hard knocks was palpable. There were the ups and downs in ChampCar, the Vision Racing and Foyt outsourcing, and even the brutal Bump Day events as late as 2011.

How remote did the possibility of Ryan Hunter-Reay as champion seem back then? How far did that goal seem with what we knew of RHR and his struggles? He had worked through a number of shaky rides, had never been with a top-tier team, and seemed to be one of those drivers capable of winning now and again, but not real championship material.

Yet slowly, a transformation took place. The Ryan Hunter-Reay that won Sunday at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama was on top of his game, with a sort of serenity and unbroken display of talent that comes from the realization of excellence. Hunter-Reay won’t win every week, but the off weeks are handled well, mistakes are minimized, and when he’s on his game, he’s as good as there is.


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