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The Faces of Andretti Autosport – Takashi Nakachi

Name:  Takashi Nakachi

Position on the team: Data Engineer

Hometown: Michiana Shores, IN

Family: Two cats, one dog, lovely girlfriend

How did you get your start in racing? I started out as an intern at HVM Racing

How long have you been working at Andretti Autosport? I have been working at Andretti Autosport for 9 months.

What is your favorite racing memory while working here? My favorite memory is race day at the Indy 500.

What are some of your primary responsibilities as a data engineer? Ensuring the data provided to engineers is reliable and accurate. Building wiring looms, calibrating sensors, ensuring radios play nice with each other.

Who is one of your favorite racing figures? Yancy Diotalevi and Bill Bates (each fellow Andretti Autosport employees), I can’t decide.

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