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The Faces of Andretti Autosport – Ryann Rigsby

Name: Ryann Rigsby

Position on the team: Director of Corporate Communications, Director of The Michael Andretti Foundation, Executive Assistant to Michael Andretti

Hometown: Goshen, Indiana

Family: Two cats: Gwylo and Wicca

Twitter handle: @RyannRoseAnne

How did you get your start in racing? Very randomly, but I owe my start in racing to a two great, long-time friends, Josh and Colette Fults. Josh works in racing and heard of an opening with the team so I sent in my resume. I didn’t get hired for that position but eight months later and out of the blue I got a call for a different position and here I am.

How long have you been working for Andretti Autosport? I’ve been working here for five years.

What is your favorite racing memory? Standing on the grid for opening ceremonies of my first Indy 500. There’s nothing like it.

What is one of your favorite PR events you have been involved in? We have and have always had a great group of drivers so most PR events turn out pretty fun. A few of my favorites would be the Championship tour with RHR, the “Hinch for Homepage” campaign, NACS in Vegas (MA took me for a lap in the two-seater), and the visit to the 349th Air Mobility Wing at Travis AFB with Mike Conway (we flew in a C-17 for an orientation/refueling flight).

Who is one of your favorite racing figures? I would have to say the Andretti family as a whole – and not just because I work for them and don’t want to be razzed endlessly for picking someone else – but they really are a great group to work for… and they’re pretty good at that whole fast driving thing too.

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