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Zach Veach’s blog: The good, the bad, and Edmonton

8.1.2012 (Via RACER) – Bad luck seems to follow me; anyone have any ideas to get rid of it all? I have never felt so close to success in my life, but it just seems I'm missing that last little piece of the puzzle that ties everything together.

A quick recap of Edmonton: the weekend was like a rollercoaster ride. We were P8, and P6 in the two practice sessions on Friday, but we decided to make a couple of changes going into qualifying to free the car up some to help us through the medium to high-speed corners throughout the track, mainly where all of the time is on a track. (watch video below for Star Mazda in-car from Edmonton).

We started our 30-minute qualifying session Saturday morning and were able to get 15 minutes into the session before the first yellow flag came out. At this point I was P5 and debating if I wanted to try another set of tires in the short amount of time we had left. The only downside about going to a second set of tires in qualifying is, we only get three sets per weekend. So you use one in practice, usually one in qualifying, and the last set in the first race. For the second race, we use the tires we qualified on, which makes it really important to get a good qualifying run, so you can start a race on a brand-new set. I decided to go with a second set and try my luck with six minutes to go. On my in-lap, I put in the second faster lap, only 00.005 of a second off of my teammate Sage Karam. It was an awesome feeling to give the team their first all Andretti Autosport front row in Star Mazda.

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