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Food keeps drivers and crew revved up at Edmonton Indy

7.25.2012 (Via CTV News) – Fuel for the cars is obviously critical at the Edmonton Indy but fuel for drivers and their crew members is also important.

CTV News got a behind-the-scenes look at the man who helps keep the Andretti team prepared for the big race.

Erwin Brecher is a one-man show. It’s his job to feed the entire Andretti race team.

On an average race weekend, he’ll make enough food to fuel 200 people.

He’s been on the road for 22 years and has worked for three generations of the Andretti family.

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of hours. The environment sometimes makes it difficult. It’s not as glamorous as you guys think,” Brecher said with a laugh.

“You get to travel a lot but after 20 years, it gets old too.”

Brecher says the menu requests he gets from crew members isn't too difficult.

“It’s pretty straight forward and they’re very appreciative,” Brecher said.

“He does a good job with his filets and his barbequed ribs,” said John Henderson, a member of Andretti’s crew.

Brecher never knows what the menu will hold until he arrives in a host race city but tries to keep things simple.

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