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Michael Andretti on Team Bonding, Randy Bernard, The New Car and Mazda Road to Indy

6.27.12 (Via – If you're looking for a team that's invested in multiple levels of IndyCar it's hard to beat Andretti Autosport.

Consider: a three-car IndyCar team, full Mazda Road to Indy involvement AND promoting events in Milwaukee and Baltimore. That's a trifect no other team can match. So what's with the full deployment? Why has Andretti Autosport risen from the ashes to contend in this year's IndyCar series? Why do they love Iowa Speedway? And what was that thing recently with IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard? I asked Andretti Autosport team principal Michael Andretti all this and more on Friday, June 22 at Iowa Speedway.

pressdog: Welcome to Iowa. Thank you for this time. Did you just get here (June 22, 9 a.m., Iowa Speedway)?

Michael Andretti: Just got here.

pressdog: Did you guys land out here (at the Newton airport right next to Iowa Speedway)?

Michael Andretti: Yes.

pressdog: That’s pretty cool.

Michael Andretti: It’s awesome.

pressdog: You can jet right out (after the race) , unless you’ve you win and you have to stay for the big…

Michael Andretti: We don’t mind staying for that.

pressdog: Just a couple of questions. The first one is that for Milwaukee, you get universal praise, pretty much for that, but, I wanted to know from your perspective what do you think went right and what needs improving in Milwaukee?

Michael Andretti: I think everything went really, pretty well. There’s things we’re going to adjust, like maybe we’ll put the stage on the opposite side. There’s logicistal things like that we saw, traffic wise things we might do a little differently. Which is normal when you’ve done anything for the first time. But, I think, overall I’d give it an A on the job that our team did in terms of organizing it and everything. I’m hoping we can build on the attendance, and things like that just by now showing that. Because, I think Milwaukee is a show-me. You’ve got to show them that you’re really going to do what you say you’re going to do. I think we delivered on that, so I think next year, we feel very confident that it’s going to be bigger.

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