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The faces of Andretti Autosport – Bill White

Name: Bill White

Position: Facility Manager

Family: Lori (wife), Kirby & Jake (sons), Oscar (dog)

Hometown: Walltownship, New Jersey

How did you get your start in racing?  I got hired as a gopher for Roger Penske Jr. and the Super Vee team. I wound up being the backbone of that team for 15 years (or so I’d like to think).  

How long have you been working in racing?  I have been involved in racing for 30 years this June. I’ve been with Andretti Autosport for 14 years.

What is your favorite racing memory?  My favorite memory was when we were testing at Road Atlanta in 1985. Danny Sullivan was driving for Penske racing and it was our first test with the team. After a couple of test runs, Danny stopped the car on top of the power cord that ran from the truck across pit lane, under the guard rail, thru the wall and into the outlet. When the car was sent out on its next run, the cord stuck to the tires, wrapping itself around the suspension. The cord was yanked out of the wall socket and got tangled up with a television that the track doctor was watching and was pulled thru the window. It knocked tool boxes, people and equipment over, shattering debris everywhere. The 70 year old doctor who was watching the TV when it disappeared came running out of the building looking like he had seen a ghost. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

What do you do to personally prepare for a race?  Since I don’t travel with the team, I watch replays of the New York Giants’ four Super Bowl wins for inspiration.

Who is one of your favorite racing figures?  Me, I love me! Other than me, I would say Rick Mears. 

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