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The Faces of Andretti Autosport – Chris Rook


Name: Chris Rook

Position: Painter

Hometown: Oaklandon, Indiana

Family: Nathan 17 years old, Natalie 16 years old

How did you get your start in racing?

I got my start in racing by working at a body shop where I met Kyle Moyer’s (General Manager) brother.

How long have you been working in racing?

I have been working in racing since October 1992, so quite a while! 

What is your favorite racing memory?

My favorite racing memory is Jacques Villeneuve coming back from two laps down to win the 1995 Indy 500.

How long does it take for you to paint a car? 

It depends on the colors that we are using for that particular car and how many stripes are involved. Marco’s RC Cola car took about eight hours to paint. James’ car took roughly ten hours because the “Go Daddy green” paint stays soft and takes a little longer to dry.

How many cars do you paint per week?

We paint at least one car per week, with bits and pieces of others.

What on the car do you paint?

Everything on the car gets painted, except for the front and rear wings, which receive vinyl. Some cars get vinyl instead of paint in other various areas. For example, the RC Cola car has a design in the blue vinyl on part of the side pods.

What is one of your favorite paint jobs?

One of my favorite jobs was painting Dan Wheldon’s Jim Beam car in 2005, which then won the Indy 500 and is now on display in our lobby. I also enjoyed painting Jacques Villeneuve’s CART car in 1995 that was sponsored by Player’s Cigarettes. In 1996, the team won a paint job award between all CART teams that was given for the best colors and scheme. We won for the Brahma car, which was painted red, yellow and white.

What do you do to personally prepare for a race?

Since I do not travel with the team, I sleep, clean the house and spend a lot of time relaxing.


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